Modeled with Maxon Cinema 4D
Rendered with C4D Physical Render
Color correction and postwork in Adobe After-Effects
Resolution FullHD 1920 X 1080 px
Rendertime ca. 2-3 min / frame

Here´s a project I did for a short film for Carl Schröter Initially it was planned to make a fotoreal sequence where the UFO is built up bit by bit.
I already had built the entire UFO in shiny 3D when the decision was made that something else was needed.
I began to trace all edges of my 3D model with splines and built my own animatable wire frame.
The Cartoon Renderer was not an option as the splines had to be animated in a very controlled matter. So I used the Edge to spline command quite a lot and rebuilt the contours of the UFO using Splines.

For the Animation of the splines I dropped them into a Sweep-Nurbs object and animated the length parameter. The Paper was rendered inside C4D with the Physical render. Some thicks with the Displace Deformer as extensive Texturing including C4D noise patterns were used to make the paper look reel and layered.

I also designed a font especially for the sequence that is animatable in After Effects.
For more work visit SILVERWING-VFX

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