Spare time design / modeling / texturing / shading project.

This was more a test then a finished artwork.

I tried the out the new Cycles4D renderer. In this scene tested a self made SSS shader using volume.

I used Vertex-Maps (mostly as masks) to get the detail on the edges and close to the knobs.
The Scene is lit with a HDRI and a bigger area light. Nothing too special!

Tech Specs:
Modeled in C4D R18.
Textured shaded lit and rendered in Cycles4D.
HDRI is again from Maxime Rozes free HDRI pack.
Rendered in 4K 4096 X 2160 px.
Render time was around 4h on 3 GTX 980ti
The long render time comes through the excessive use of SSS, refractive materials and the high ray depths.

Cycles 4D will be available tomorrow 15th November 2016

NODETREE 01 (Red Lego Brick)
NODETREE 02 (Red Lego Brick)
For more work visit SILVERWING-VFX

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