As a 3D artist specialized not only the art side but also the technical side of the things I am of course a huge fan of optical physics. This led me to testing lens shapes and how light is behaving when changing the radius of curvature, the distance between lenses etc.

Of course I needed a renderer with a strong algorithm to support tracing light through up to seven boundary condition / reflection events inside of participating media.

I chose Indigo as it has a really well integrated Bi Directional Metropolis Light Transport algorithm that is handle such complicated calculations rather fast.

Tech Specs:
Generated in C4D
Textured shaded lit and rendered in Cindigo (Indigo for C4D).
Rendered in UHD 3840 X 2160 px.
Rendered on i7 5960x 8 core 16 treads 4.0 GHz

It was looking already pretty clean after 45min.
Since I started the render in the evening I just left it rendering over night for about 12h.
Color corrected using After Effects.

As always I hope you like and enjoy it.
You can make your own experiements if you like:
SCENE DOWNLOAD (for C4D R18 and Indigo Render)


For more work visit SILVERWING-VFX

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