Its till hot summer (like in my Glass & Ice work) and I am sort of captured by those amazing refraction glass objects can produce. So I modeled a cocktail glass and filled it with some alcoholic substance and a oliv.
Thanks to Dimitry Grankin and Fabio Ciliberti

As always I hope you like it!

Tech Specs:
Generated in C4D.
Textured shaded lit and rendered in Octane.
Rendered in 4K 4096 X 4096 px.
Render time was around 35 Minutes on 5 GTX 1080 Ti & 3 GTX 980 Ti
The long render times have to do with the high refraction depth (glossy depth) of 64 and the huge resolution, as not using fake shadows to get a more realistic light distribution. Last but not least rendering the oliv with SSS inside a caustic heavy glass.

How to get the fluid looking good in Octane:

As I heard this
question a lot especially with this image, The fluid is modeled so it intersects with the glass slightly. You can see a closeup of the spline layout in the wireframe section of this post further below. Keep in mind that the closer the fluid is to the glass the lower your ray epsilon has to be to avoid artifacting. This scene (in real world scale) had an Ray Epsilon of 0.000002.

The bubbles inside the fluid have the same fluid material applied, however the normals are inverted and facing inward inside the spheres, because this is simulating the ray moving out of the fluid inside a air filled environment.




NODETREE Glass Material

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